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Swami Govindananda update June 08: Swamiji is in Toronto, Canada

After overseeing the TTC and Sadhana Intensive courses in Uttar Kashi, Swamiji returned to Madurai to check up on the new building before flying to Canada to partake in the Sadhana Intensive course. He’ll be back in Madurai from Toronto on July 6th and is looking forward to hearing from TTC graduates wanting to staff Winter 2008’s Teacher’s Training Courses.


Swami Sivananda’s Yoga Questions and Answers 3: Q: How can we steady the mind?

Q: The mind is attracted by brilliant lights, beauty, pleasant colours, sounds etc. How can we bring it back to steadiness?

A: If you follow the path of Vedanta, through discrimination you can clearly understand that what you see is mere appearance and unreal and that the Self, the substratum for the world, is eternal and real. Now the mind will not run towards external objects. It will move towards its source, the Atman within. If you think that the eternal objects are the mere manifestations of your own Self and so exist in you, then also the mind will not run towards, the sensual objects. If you follow the path of devotion, try to fix your mind on the Lotus Feet of your Ishta Devata whenever the mind runs outside. Gradually the mind can be controlled.

Taken from: Yoga Questions and Answers

Swami Sivananda

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Swami Sivandanda Pocket Spiritual Gems 3: Maya Tempts

Maya Tempts

Maya tempts the ignorant Jiva-

She puts a little coating of sensual pleasures

Over intense pain-giving objects,

A little sugar-coating over the

Ever-bitter quinine pills.

Develop dispassion and discrimination

And attain freedom and eternal bliss.

Sivananda Gurugram: June



Life in peace and harmony with your neighbours and fellow-men. – Swami Sivananda

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