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Swami Sivananda Pocket Spiritual Gems 5: All Is Full

Om Purnamadah purnamidam

Purnat purnamudachyate

Purnasya purnamadaya


OM. That is Full; this is full; from That Full this full has come; if the full is taken away from the Full; the Full alone remains.


Daily meditations by Swami Sivananda 6: Mind – The Cause of Pain and Joy

22nd September

Neither this body nor the Atman nor the gods nor the planets nor work nor time cause pain or pleasure. It is this wretched mind that causes pleasure and pain and creates this worldliness.

This terrible mind generates thoughts, cravings, egoism, desires and likes and dislikes. Man then does various actions with egoism and expectation of fruit. Therefore, he has to take birth again and again in accordance with the nature of actions

Swami Sivananda’s Yoga Questions and Answers 3: How can I check the wave of anger in the mind?

Q: Love and hate existed ever since the world began. Hence are they not both eternal?

A: No. Hate is not eternal. It has an end when love develops to the fullest extent. Hate is an evil vritti. It is an enemy of peace.

Q: What brings forth hate?

A: Ignorance

Q: How can I check the wave of anger in the mind?

A: If you develop cosmic love or universal love, hatred will vanish. Positive always overcomes the negative. Try to behold the Self in all. How can you hate the Self, the one common consciousness? Hatred is the effect of ignorance.

Develop Kshama (forgiveness), patience, Atma Bhava; anger will vanish. Practice of Japa and devotion will eradicate it. Try to nip it in the bud, when it is in the form of a slight ripple. Do not allow it to assume the form of a big wave. Enquire “who am I?” There is no anger in Atman. Anger is a negative mental modification. When you try to see your beloved Lord in all these names and forms anger will fly away with all it’s train of vicious qualities.