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Meenakshi Ashram Dates for 2008/2009

Yoga Vacation 01/11/08 – 14/11/08

Yoga Vaction 16/11/08 – 29/11/08

TTC 30/11/08 – 28/12/08

Sadhana Intensive 04/01/09 – 19/01/09

Yoga Vacation 20/01/09 – 02/02/09

ATTC 08/02/09 – 08/03/09

Yoga Vacation 16/03/09 – 29/03/09

Yoga Vacation from april onwards 1st to 14th & 16th to 29th


Daily meditations by Swami Sivananda: 18th Oct – Spiritual Growth

The man who can see his own faults as he see those of others will soon become a great soul. Have ceaseless devotion to truth and be ready to sacrifice your all for it.

Do not constantly brood over your past mistakes and failures as this will only fill the mind with grief, regret and depression. Do not repeat them in the future. Be cautious. Just think of the causes which led to your failure and try to remove them in future. Be vigilant and careful. Strengthen yourself with new vigour and virtues. Develop your will power slowly.

October Gurugram

October’s Gurugram can be read at




This marvellous world is a great University of wisdom. Learn your lessons and become wise. – Swami Sivananda

Other wise words:

The initial stages in Sadhana will be one of ups and downs. Obstacles and unfavourable circumstances are God-sent chances to make you more steady and strong in will. — Sri Swami Sivananda

Important Dates for October:

09 – Vijayadasami

11 – Ekadasi

14 – Full Moon

24 – Ekadasi

28 – Diwali

28 – New Moon