What is Life by Swami Sivananda

What is Life?

Life is a duty – perform it,

Life is a game – play it,

Life is a mystery – unfold it,

Lie is a song – sing it,

Life is a journey – complete it,

Life is a promise – fulfill it,

Life is a love – enjoy it,

Life is a beauty – praise it,

Life is a spirit – realise it,

Life is a challenge – meet it,

Life is a gift – accept it,

Life is an opportunity – take it,

Life is an adventure – dare it,

Life is a sorrow – overcome it,

Life is a tragedy – face it,

Life is a struggle – fight it,

Life is a puzzle – solve it,

Life is a goal – achieve it,

The salt of life is selfless service, the bread of life is universal love, the water of life is purity, the goal of life is self-realisation.

By Swami Sivananda


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