MahaKali Temple Donation Appeal

MahaKali Temple Donation Appeal

The ashram has been built following strict Vastu principles which concentrates the spiritual and physical energy of this space, in the most auspicious flow for the wellbeing and development of Ashram inmates.
The original Ashram plan is based on ancient Vastu principles and assumes the MahaKali temple to be in the very centre of the campus. The focus of the Asham’s energy is the temple and that position was blessed and the foundation stones for the temple were laid at a ceremony in 2005. Now, our Temple is only at foundation stone level, but in the interim, prayer and chanting has continued daily in a temporary location in the oldest building of the Ashram, while plans for construction of the Temple were underway.

The Temple will be a focal point for daily worship and meditation and chanting practise in the Ashram.

We are thankful for Guru’s grace to begin 2009 with the graduation of our 7th International Teacher’s Training Programme. Guests of the ashram have seen it grow and change since we started hosting students and teaching yogic knowledge, in 2005. We can now accommodate 80 students on our international courses, for which considerable resource has gone into dormitories and service buildings. The ongoing construction projects include completion of a men’s and ladies’ dormitory building, library and meditation space, permanent constructions for reception and boutique, and kitchen/dining area. With these projects and ongoing running costs for the Ashram, even taking into account an increasing number of students coming to Madurai, we are not able to even start the construction of the Temple.

Basic preparation is complete. A lower-lying area around where the Temple will stand has been filled in with loads of sand brought over the years, to bring the temple surrounds to a high enough point, so the correct foundation area is prepared for the next stage of construction.

Contribute to this great project: to build a new stone temple with some simple stone carvings, and a traditional sloped roof, will cost a lot. The Ashram appeals to guests, former course and yoga vacation students, staff, and Ashram wellwishers who would like to see this great project come to fruition.

To donate funds to this project, please use Paypal by visiting our temple page

May Gurudev’s blessings find you happy and content.


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