ATTC Feb 2009

The first ever ATTC with all the 92 students passing the course concluded successfully. The graduation ceremony was preceded by a Gurupuja performed by the priests and the students. Running every two years, the next ATTC will be jan/feb 2011.

During the week there was a Devi puja which was liked by all. Ananda lead a group of 25 students and staff to a 2 day trip to Rameswaram and Dhanushkoti after the ATTC.

A yoga vacation programme with 10 people started immediately on Mar 8th. The registration for the next TTC starting on Mar 22 is going on well.

The main teachers and many staff especially came for the ATTC assisting left the ashram immediately. Swami Tatwarupananda went back to his ashram in Trivandrum . Swami Govindananda and Prahlada left for Neyyar Dam for the India director’s meeting. Swami Gayatriananda went back to Neyyar Dam. Dr Padma ( now Swami Padmapadananda ) was initiated into sannyasa deeksha by Swami Mahadevanandaji on Sivaratri day. Satyadev left for Uttar Kashi to continue as staff there. Sita, Ambika , Panchavarnam , Durairaj, Surendran , Indiradevi , Br. Sajith, Annapurna and Zdenik Hanus left as staff. Satya went to Srilanka to to renew her Indian visa to come back to ashram for another year as staff. Jyoti came back to the ashram after getting a new Indian visa from Srilanka. Sridevi ( Wei-Chi – Taiwan ) joined as staff after her ATTC. Mani Chaitanya and Vijay from the Delhi centres graced the graduation ceremony in the ashram on their way to Neyyar Dam for the Indiadirector’s meeting.

We are very grateful to all the staff who left after helping the ashram wholeheartedly during this busy season. May Gurudev’s Blessings guide them always.

Staff : Swami Govindananda, Swami Padmapadananda, Ananda , Chiman Chang, Satya ( Srilanka ), Nirmala, Narayani, Mahendra Kumar, Yogiswar , Sara O Connel, Jyoti , Brahmaswaroop, Karuna Kumar, Mahalakshmi, Sridevi, Tara, Lakshmi, Deepakdas, Iswara , Anjani , Veena, Sridevi.


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