Some fun – a poem about the ashram by Jane:

Like us, hope you also will love the poem given below, written by a Chech-Yogini living in Toronto who spent a wonderful two weeks with us at the ashram:

Sivananda Ashram is a nice place

where you can relax and follow the pace.

The people here are great

they never let you have an empty plate.

You can eat and eat and eat

because the food’s healthy and without any meat.

We don’t have any spicy curry

which is good, because to the toilet we don’t have to hurry.

We wake up very early, although we like to sleep in

the satsang’s calling with some hard-core breathing.

Our backs are very sore from Pranayama

so we all wish we could lay down in Savasana.

But after singing a lot of jaya ganesha

believe it or not, our backs feels much fresher.

So it’s ok i you’re living with a monkey or a bat

as long as you have your yoga mat.

You know, simple sweet ‘OM’

can make you feel just like home.

So if you need some love and energy

just go and see our lovely Swamiji.


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