Sivananda Gurugram – April 2009


Identify yourself with the all-pervading Self. Lead the life of oneness and unity.
– Sri Swami Sivananda

SIVANANDA YOGA FAQ ~~~ Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: How does the mind differ from the Soul?

A: The mind is a special, limited particularization of the Soul-consciousness, which is unlimited and never ceases to be all-pervading. The mind is the form of the collective totality of desires, and hence, it is inert and powerless. But it appears to be conscious and powerful as the Inner Self or the Soul is reflected through it. The mind alone is the real person or the individual and it is the real doer of all actions. It is the experiencer of every condition in the universe, both objectively and subjectively. The Soul is the Absolute which is not really affected by any experience of the mind. The mind is mortal, while the Soul is immortal.

Q3: How do you train your disciples for quick spiritual success?

A: As a drastic measure to overhaul the vicious worldly Samskaras, I ask the students to drown themselves in active service for some months or years. The period of training varies according to the evolution of the students. They must know cooking, washing, and nursing of the sick. They must serve the Sadhus and the Sannyasins in every possible way. Side by side they must be able to learn all the Yogic exercises, concentration, Japa, meditation, etc. They must be able to write essays on philosophy and Yoga. They must do Kirtan and deliver lectures also. I teach them on all these points. I give them lessons in the treatment of some ordinary diseases. When I find that the students are able to control their senses and advance in concentration and meditation and when I find that they have developed all the Sattvic qualities, I send them to cool places with instructions fordeep meditation.

Important Dates for April:

APRIL 2009
03 – Rama Navami

05 – Ekadasi

09 – Full Moon (Hanuman Jayanti)

12 – Easter

13 – Tamil New

21 – Ekadasi

25 – New Moon


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