Vishu is the harvest festival of Kerala, celebrated when the Sun transits into the first sign of the Indian astrological zodiac. Vishu generally falls around the 12th, 13th or 14th of April in the Gregorian calendar.

An altar of a Krishna statue or picture is decorated with auspicious articles, like fresh fruits and vegetables, flower garlands, yellow Kani Konna flowers (Cassia Fistula), nine different grains, Coconut, legumes, betel leaves, betel nuts, bananas, fresh linen, coins, lamps and a mirror.

The eldest in the family prepares the altar the previous night and leads the family members blindfolded to the Vishukkani altar so that the very first thing they see on Vishu morning is one of divinity, auspiciousness, beauty and abundance.

A day of family reunion, family members receive a gift in the form of coins and new clothes, and share a big traditional feast made by the female members of the family.

Praying that this vision of spiritual and material abundance remains with us throughout the year and is reflected in our thoughts, words and actions, we hope to share this wealth of love and happiness with all around us.


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