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The Fruit of Honesty:

Bhagwan Baba once visited the India Institute of Science. He saw a young man standing under a tree, looking very upset. Swami asked him, what the matter was. The boy said, “Swami, I came here to give an interview for a job. Sir C. V. Raman scolded me and asked me to get out of the interview room.” Swami said, “My dear, did you come here at your own expense or did they pay for your travel?” The boy said, “Swami, they gave me ten rupees as traveling allowance. I spent four rupees as bus fare. I have six rupees left.”

Swami said, “My dear! Stand here and wait for C.V. Raman. When the interviews are over, he will cross this way while going home. Go up to him and return this amount to him. You will get the job.” After a while Sir C. V. Raman, passed that way. He saw the boy and asked, “Why are you here?” The boy replied, “Sir, I got Rupees ten as traveling expenses for my visit here. I have spent only four rupees. I was waiting here so that I could return the balance of six rupees to you.” Instantaneously C.V. Raman said, “You alone are fit for the job. The job is yours!”

The boy was very happy. He bowed to Swami and expressed his gratitude. Swami blessed him and said, “This is the fruit of honesty.”

This little anecdote tells us that honesty is still the best policy! It also re-enforces our belief that we should obey and implement the advice given to us by the holy. Faith in God and obedience to His commands are enough to see us through any problems in life.


News Update on Aug 8, 2010 – New TTC in Jan 2011 !!!

My trip to the West has had a set back. Due to some valid reasons, it has been cancelled for the moment. I am very sorry to have bothered all concerned regarding the conduct of the trip. Please let others connected to my trip know about the cancellation.

Meanwhile as a blessing there is an opportunity to conduct a new Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) under the banner of the new ashram, ‘Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham’, in another ashram located in the state of Karnataka, South India, about 100 km from Goa.

The TTC is scheduled to run Jan 9 – Feb 7, 2011. Since this beautiful ashram location (ideal for yogic activities) has only a small number of beds the number of students and staff will be restricted. The places are limited to 35. Please contact us ASAP if you would like to reserve your place on the course.

The details of TTC and other activities will be published soon in the ashram web site :

Please visit : to know more about the TTC location.

Please let people interested know about this and ask them to contact me for registration.

The ashram, Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham, will be registered as a non-profit charitable organisation within another two weeks. We are currently processing the paperwork, whilst we are looking for an ideal location for the ashram.

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May Gurudev’s Blessings be with us all always


Swami Govindananda

August 4th is the anniversary of Swami Sivananda’s Punya Tithi Aradhana

Message from The Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, India

Om Namo Bhagavate Sivanandaya!
Om Namo Bhagavate Chidanandaya!
Om Namo Bhagavate Krishnanandaya!


Today (August 4th) is the 47th Anniversary of the
Punya Tithi Aradhana (passing away) of Sri Swami
Sivanandaji. In honour of this occasion we uploaded an
article by Sri N. Ananthanarayananji on the Last Days
of Gurudev. This is at:

Yours in the service of Gurudev,



Book Synopsis

Elixir Divine
By Swami Sivananda

ELIXIR DIVINE is the last work of H.H. Sri Swami
Sivananda before he laid aside his mortal vesture.
This little book of profound teachings from a mighty
saint of the modern age attracted many an aspiring
soul and we found that in a short period all the
copies of the previous edition got quickly distributed
and a necessity was felt to bring out this edition.
It is verily true to its name, for through its pages
we get the vivifying portion of Divine Wisdom by which
we are spiritually revived and the life in tune with
Divine is restored to us. It is a great sage’s last
message to mankind, bestowed out of His abundance of
love to humanity. We have a firm hope that the
Sadhakas the world over will deeply benefit by a study
of these precious gems of wisdom contained in this
beautiful work of inspirational writings from the pen
of the great saint. We wish its readers inward
illumination and the needed solace.

For more information, please visit: