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Swami Govindananda update 20 Oct 201

Blessed friend

Hope you are well.

A  few things have happened in the last few weeks.

New web site for the ashram
The main event was uploading of the new web site finallly.
(or the same is

Courses announced
We have made announcement of  the yoga/vedanta courses to be held in Amboli near Goa, India during Dec – Mar 2011.

We have done a mass mailing to inform all in our mailing list about the new ashram and its courses. Those who are not already on the mailing list and would like to be informed regularly of the ashram activities please click here to Sign up for our Email Newsletter

A good response is being seen and a lot of interest has been generated about the Sivananda Peetham activities. We have a few registrations already for the courses.

We have a few former staff members wholeheartedly working for the ashram build up.

Looking for an ashram location still
Still we are on the look out of a suitable land site for the ashram location. Many encouraging suggestions are also coming up for the ashram location. We are  looking for help in getting some land purchased for which well wishers are requested to come forward in large numbers to donate. The ashram cannot be a virtual one for a long time. Please for details on how to donations or knowing bank details for money transfer.

Swami Govindananda’s new residence in Trivandrum
Meanwhile Swami Govindananda went through a much needed  ayurvedic rejuvenation/relaxation treatment and rested for the required period afterwards. He is well and has now taken a residential flat in Trivandrum to stay in whenever he is not in a course or travelling. This will be his place till a proper ashram comes up.

Swami Govindananda’s travel/programs
Swami Govindananda will make a small tour in the coming weeks.
Oct 27 – 29 – visiting  the  Amboli ashram
Oct 30 – 31 – At Pune visiting friends
Nov 1 – 4  – At Mumbai visiting friends
Nov 6  – 10 – At Uttar Kashi visiting ashrams
Nov 11-13  – At Rishikesh visiting ashrams

Yoga retreats/courses in Delhi
Nov 14 – 29  – In Delhi – Yoga courses, lectures, retreats
Nov 30- Dec 18 – In Trivandrum

May Gurudev’s Blessings be with us all always

Swami Govindananda



Navaratri – the 9 days of worship of the divinity in the form of MOTHER is coming – from Oct 8 – 17.

Worship the Divine mother Kali or Durga to transcend the tamasic / negative / devilish nature within us for the first 3 days, Worship Lakshmi to overcome rajasic / turbulant / agitated nature within us for the 2nd three days, worship Saraswati to cultivate and then go beyond the satwic tendencies within us on the last three days and celebrate the day of victory over 3 lower natures to identify with our true nature on the 10th day – Vijaya dasami.

Respect the mother nature in all these days.

Mother worship is universal as all came from mother.

Have a wonderful Navaratri days

Please read an article on ” Devi ” by Swami Sivananda : At the FEET of The DIVINE MOTHER Swami Govindananda


Here is a wonderful sloka in Samskritham


Swa gruhe Poojyathe Pithara:

Swa graame Poojyathe Prabhu:

Swa deshe Poojyathe Raja:

Vidhwan Sarvathra Poojyathe!!!

The meaning :

Swagruhe (In His own House) Parents are respected and adored:

Swagraame (In his own village) A landlord or a rich man is respected and adored.

Swadeshe (in his own kingdom) the king is respected and adored..

But a Vidhwan (a scholar) is respected and adored all over the world.

Further defined:

The Parents provides all the needs of the children, and the children love their parents , and respect them. (As Swami often says, conditional Love )

The landlord in the village is very rich, and influential, and as such the villagers respect them. (Prabhu). Here again that respect is conditional)

The king is very powerful, and as such the countrymen fear and respect the king, but only within that kingdom.

Vidhwan not just a scholar. A man who is very proficient in any skill, whether in Art, Literature, Games, an exponent of Religious matters, Music , etc. can be classified as Vidhwan. Such vidhwan’s fame and respect cross all borders, irrespective of which country they belong to.