Swamiji Germany Schedule, July & August 2011

Swamiji is currently in Germany giving yoga classes and workshops in various locations. Please see the schedule below to see if there is anything happening in your area.

Please contact Shakti for more information – speyer-office@yoga-vidya.de

YOGAZENTRUM – Sonnengruss, Esslingen:

15th July         20h                         Open Class 16th July

10h – 18h            Seminar – Trust and letting go in the practice of                                                                     Yoga(Vertrauen und Loslassen im Yoga) 17th July

17h15                     Open Class 19h                        Satsang

YOGA VIDYA – Nürnberg:

18th July                                         TTC Asana Class & talk on Hatha Yoga Pradipika

YOGA VIDYA – Bad Meinberg:

22nd & 23rd July                        Asana Class & Lecture & talk during Satsang in Bad                                                               Meinberg

YOGA VIDYA – Speyer:

24th July                                        Satsang in Speyer

GAYATRI – Kraichtal

25th – 26th July                          Contact Gayatri for more details.


27th – 28th July                          Yoga workshops

YOGA VIDYA – Heidelberg:

29th July                                         TTC workshop

YOGA VIDYA – Speyer:

30th July          9h – 12h             Asana Class and talk on Pranic Benefits & Spiritual                                                               Depth of Yoga Asana Practice

13h – 14h30                                   TTC Workshop


1st August                                      Vedanta Workshop

YOGA LOUNGE – Freiburg

2nd August                                    Yoga Workshop


3rd August                                     Yoga Workshop


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