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The Fruit of Honesty:

Bhagwan Baba once visited the India Institute of Science. He saw a young man standing under a tree, looking very upset. Swami asked him, what the matter was. The boy said, “Swami, I came here to give an interview for a job. Sir C. V. Raman scolded me and asked me to get out of the interview room.” Swami said, “My dear, did you come here at your own expense or did they pay for your travel?” The boy said, “Swami, they gave me ten rupees as traveling allowance. I spent four rupees as bus fare. I have six rupees left.”

Swami said, “My dear! Stand here and wait for C.V. Raman. When the interviews are over, he will cross this way while going home. Go up to him and return this amount to him. You will get the job.” After a while Sir C. V. Raman, passed that way. He saw the boy and asked, “Why are you here?” The boy replied, “Sir, I got Rupees ten as traveling expenses for my visit here. I have spent only four rupees. I was waiting here so that I could return the balance of six rupees to you.” Instantaneously C.V. Raman said, “You alone are fit for the job. The job is yours!”

The boy was very happy. He bowed to Swami and expressed his gratitude. Swami blessed him and said, “This is the fruit of honesty.”

This little anecdote tells us that honesty is still the best policy! It also re-enforces our belief that we should obey and implement the advice given to us by the holy. Faith in God and obedience to His commands are enough to see us through any problems in life.