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Navaratri – the 9 days of worship of the divinity in the form of MOTHER is coming – from Oct 8 – 17.

Worship the Divine mother Kali or Durga to transcend the tamasic / negative / devilish nature within us for the first 3 days, Worship Lakshmi to overcome rajasic / turbulant / agitated nature within us for the 2nd three days, worship Saraswati to cultivate and then go beyond the satwic tendencies within us on the last three days and celebrate the day of victory over 3 lower natures to identify with our true nature on the 10th day – Vijaya dasami.

Respect the mother nature in all these days.

Mother worship is universal as all came from mother.

Have a wonderful Navaratri days

Please read an article on ” Devi ” by Swami Sivananda : http://divyajivan.org/navaratri/index.htm At the FEET of The DIVINE MOTHER Swami Govindananda